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Kumbh 2025

Kumbh 2025 beckons...

Join the largest congregation on Earthalong with Sukrit Wellness Tours

True wellness entails deeply transformational, soul-lifting experiences catapulting us towards our best selves. At Sukrit Wellness we promise to leave you physically, mentally, socially and spiritually recharged.

Sukrit Wellness encompasses a diverse range offerings, each dedicated to delivering specialized, holistic wellness solutions.

The principle of wellness: Naam Deo, Founder

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No matter where we reach, the idea of ‘we’ as ‘who we are’ remains the key to our well-being.


Founder, Sukrit Wellness Tours

Kumbh Mela 2025

We are excited to bring Kumbh Mela to you, upcoming in 2025

Sukrit Wellness

Kumbh Sukrit


Premium mudhouses for an exclusive experience of Kumbh. Available now, upon invitation.

Sukrit Wellness


Kumbh for one and all

Budget-friendly tent dormitory offerings for the solo traveller, friends, and families. Book online now.

We have been hosting Kumbh for over a decade, with a highly specialized team



Attendees of Kumbh offerings hosted by us over the last decade.



Where Kumbh-goers have arrived at our offerings from.



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I'm excited to come back... • 3m 49s

Hear from Valerie, who joined us in Kumbh 2019.

I'm excited to come back... • 3m 49s

Hear from Valerie, who joined us in Kumbh 2019.

Looking back on Kumbh... • 7m 18s

A montage of our guests from over the years.s

Kumbh: Embrace, move forward • 1m 17s

The spirit of Kumbh, described by Naam Deo.

Sacredness and Purity of Kumbh • 2m 37s

Reflect on the relevance of Kumbh with Naam Deo

Amit and Swapna Pawar of Microsoft and Edukinect at our campsite in 2019.

We didn't come here with any expectations in particular; we found it to be extremely beautiful, very comfortable. The service from everybody has been very good. We felt extremely at home, and will miss this place. We learnt many things while we were here.

Amit & Swapna Pawar, Microsoft & Edukinect
Richard Singh from New York USA, at our campsite in 2019.

The camp is fantastic. The staff was incredibly amazing and very accommodating in every possible way. Everyone became my friend here. I’m going to miss this place, and everybody here. It has a wonderful energy; I hope to take a little bit back with me, home.

Richard Singh, New York
Senior VP of Purchasing at Volvo, Rajesh Mittal at our campsite in 2019.

We came here to experience the Kumbh Mela. We never imagined we would have such a beautiful place where we can have such a peaceful and holy experience. We are going back to happy. We really enjoyed our stay and we’d also like to come back in the future, thank you.

Rajesh Mittal, Senior VP of Purchasing, Volvo
Gabriella Burnel, Sanskrit Scholar at our campsite in 2019.

One thing I learnt in this place is: there is no need to wish for anything. It will happen in its natural flow, as soon as you let it go. That's how I came to learn meditation here. You learn that you can simply watch as everything unfolds around you.

Gabriella Burnel, Sanskrit Scholar
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Special Service Partner: Abhyas School of Yoga

Sukrit Wellness is proudly supported by Abhyas School of Yoga in providing Yoga, Yajna, and other Ancient Vedic rituals to all guests at Sukrit Wellness locations.

Abhyas School of Yoga

Abhyas School of Yoga

The real essence of Yoga

A Yoga school which teaches participants how to lead a life imbued with the principles of Yog, as defined by the Ancient Rishi tradition.

Sasha from Russia at Abhyas School of Yoga.

The hospitality at this centre is truly exceptional. Every person here takes genuine care of my mom and me. Their willingness to help is sincere, and their actions are driven by true intention. I am filled with gratitude for what this place has done for my mom. Thank you immensely.

Sasha, Russia
Gunjan Saini Bradshaw, Miss India Winner, 2012 at Abhyas School of Yoga.

This place feels like a vacation, far better than just sleeping in and indulging in unhealthy food while sightseeing. I genuinely love everything about it—the place, the people, and the overall experience. Words can't fully capture the joy on my face, but I hope you can sense it and decide for yourself.

Gunjan Saini Bradshaw, Miss India Winner, 2012
International Day of Yoga, 2024

International Day of Yoga, 2024

In collaboration with Ministry of Tourism, India

International Day of Yoga, 2023

International Day of Yoga, 2023

Celebrated in Mauritius in collaboration with the High Commission of India

Paryatan Parv, 2019

Paryatan Parv, 2019

In collaboration with Incredible India

Our social service partners

At Sukrit Wellness, we offer the opportunity to serve to all attendees at all locations, ranging from environmental impact to women empowerment and more.

Abhyas School of Yoga

Abhyas School of Yoga

Environmental care and activities

Visit Website >
Sadafal Education

Sadafal Education

Vocational education and development

Visit Website >
Bahudha Foundation

Bahudha Foundation

Global peace and harmony

Visit Website >

Our Team

An experienced leadership team with decades of experience.

Naam Deo

Naam Deo


As the founder of Sukrit Wellness Tours, Naam Deo is the guiding force and inspiration behind all activities and functions. A true visionary and ambassador of global change and transformation, Naam Deo illuminates the statement "be the change you seek in the world" not only through his actions, but in others lives.

Gangadhar M. Chilka

Gangadhar M. Chilka

Director, Business Development

Gangadhar C. worked for more than 36 years with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, and retd. as Asst. Director General. Currently also the Vice President of the Global Tourism Council, Mumbai, he brings unparalleled expertise and leadership to Sukrit Wellness Tours.

Robin Rajan

Robin Rajan

Director, Events & Hospitality

Robin Rajan is a well accomplished professional renowned for his extensive operational knowledge, experience of the hospitality industry and his enthusiastic management style.

Gopal Rishi

Gopal Rishi

Manager, Planning & Strategy

Gopal Rishi holds decades of experience working in big corporations, where his ability to mobilise teams in pursuit of a common goal and mission has left hundreds inspired and enthused.

Abhimanyu Kumar

Abhimanyu Kumar

Director, Global Operation & Promotions

With over 15 years in the travel industry, Abhimanyu has been key in promoting Sukrit Wellness Tours globally. He was a major contributor to the 24x7 Multi Lingual Tourist Info Line established by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India in 2016. Fluent in English, Hindi, and Spanish, he collaborates with tour operators and travel bloggers, passionately sharing Indian cultural heritage with the world.

Manak Chand Jain

Manak Chand Jain

Relationship and Media Manager

Manak Chand Jain is a seasoned professional with many years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and has been instrumental in the success of many projects.

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