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You’ve worked hard enough and need a well deserved break!

Let our wellness vacations recharge your flagging energies and

rejuvenate you completely.

Sukrit Wellness Tours – A Unique Wellness Travel Company

Transformational Wellness Experiences…

At Sukrit Wellness tours, we have re – defined ‘Wellness’ and expanded its dimensions. We believe that wellness tours are far beyond just spa & therapeutic healing services. They are about deep transformational, soul lifting experiences that catapult us towards being our best selves. With this in mind, we have curated wellness programs with a host of hand-picked destinations and well thought out itineraries that promise to leave you physically, mentally, socially and spiritually recharged.

Our Specialty

Unique tour packages that blend the ancient practice of ‘Vihangam yoga’ of India with

herbal massages
Herbal Massages
mouthwatering organic cuisines
Mouthwatering Organic Cuisines
regular off beat sight seeing
Regular and Off- Beat Sight Seeing
Vihangam Yoga
Sadafal Consciousness
plenty of me time relax unwind reflect
Plenty of ‘Me Time’ to Relax, Unwind and Reflect

All of this and more in picturesque natural surroundings and the serenity of our wellness

centres, are sure to leave you feeling fresh and alive again.

Join Us for a Wellness Vacation

A Complete Wellness Experience…

health delights

Health Delight

Opt for a kerala oil massage at our spa or a complete body detox through the age- old panchkarma therapy, or choose from a host of other music and alpha healing procedures; our tours promise to completely heal the body and mind.

Spiritual Delight

Spiritual Delight

Your stay promises you an experience of the ancient Vihangam Yoga which is essentially the union of the soul with the Supreme Being, beyond the mind & intellect.

Cultural Delight

Cultural Delight

A wellness tour is incomplete without connecting travellers with the ancient cultural roots of the place. We organize special guided tours to the MahaKumbh, which is a gathering of millions of pilgrims & travellers and a perfect showcase of the religious diversity of this culturally rich country.

Explore Our Wellness Tours…

Dandakvan Ashram Gujarat

‘Peace in the Wilderness’ – Dandakvan, Gujarat

Vihangam yoga experience, spiritual rejuvenation, nature walks  &  more

Sadafal Nirogyam Mumbai

‘Relax, Refresh & Rejuvenate’ –  Sadafal Nirogyam, Mumbai

Spa & Wellness tour, organic cuisines, Ayurveda therapy, yoga &  more

jhusi panorama

‘City of Light’ – Varanasi – Jhunsi – Ballia

Trip to the ancient land of Jhunsi, Ganges boat ride, yoga retreats, naturopathy &  more

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